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Dane observes, replicates, and explains good ideas in economic development, with efficiency and at scale.

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I'm a little bit older, and a little bit grayer. Just a little bit.


The Econ Dev Show is a podcast, weekday email newsletter, and blog of actionable strategies, fresh news, insights, and ideas from the economic development community and your host, Dane Carlson.


Call, email or text anytime. (Just don't expect a response at 2 AM central.)

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I'm very active on LinkedIn and slightly less so on Twitter.


3420 Patagonia St
League City, TX 77573

About Dane

Dane Carlson is the host of the Econ Dev Show, and an economic developer, podcaster, writer and entrepreneur in Galveston County, Texas.

He lives in League City, Texas with his wife, three sons (21,18 and 15), a cat, and two dogs.

In 2001 he founded the Business Opportunities Inc. which was acquired in 2015.

Fun fact: Mrs. Carlson let Dane let the internet name sons #2 and #3.

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