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Assorted Links Friday

Happy Friday from the Econ Dev Show.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Friday
Photo by Alex Padurariu / Unsplash

Payrolls show surprisingly powerful gain of 467,000 in January despite omicron surge.

The big plans that built New York City: The ideas promoted by the tri-state Regional Plan Association, which turns 100 this year, read like an anthology of what U.S. urban planning got right — and wrong.

🤖 She makes 120 cocktails an hour and tells bad jokes. Meet your new robot bartender.

Performance vs Trust:

A cause of America's labor shortage: Millions with long COVID? New research that helps explain the nation's shrinking workforce: long COVID.

The rise of the $2.5 billion ugly-shoe empire: From shearling Uggs to Hoka dad sneakers and rainbow Tevas, Deckers Outdoor Corp. keeps selling us the most hideous uglycore footwear.

Four charts that reveal Tom Brady’s greatness: Tom Brady has retired from football after a 22-year career of consistent success and unmatched achievement. But his stature as the N.F.L.’s greatest quarterback may be best understood by seeing his achievements stacked up against those of hundreds of others who played the same position.

A record 50% of US small businesses raised wages in January to lure workers:


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