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Assorted Links Friday

Happy Friday? Unfortunately, Americans are besieged by stress.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Friday
Photo by Gift Habeshaw / Unsplash

Warehouses transform NYC neighborhoods as e-commerce booms: The region is home to the largest concentration of online shoppers in the country. The facilities, key to delivering packages on time, are reshaping neighborhoods.

Rebuild, accelerate, thrive: Tech moonshots for society.

Superstars, rising stars, and the rest: Pandemic trends and shifts in the geography of tech.

The tide has already begun to turn on China’s miracle: North American companies have reason to look beyond China.

How robots will transform the 2020s: The service bot will revolutionize warehouses, hospitals, farms, and maybe your home.

How to get from the Great Resignation to the Great Return:

It’s a job seeker’s market.
Over 47 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs last year, almost 13% more than in 2019. That was before the pandemic, which has upended the relationship between workers and employers as much as it has disrupted all our lives.
It’s not just a US phenomenon. High turnover rates extend across comparable OECD economies. Nearly a quarter of Brits and a third of Australians plan on switching jobs in the next several months.
The picture is somewhat different in the developing world. Hundreds of millions of people who lost their jobs during the pandemic — mostly in the informal economy — still can't find work because COVID obliterated entire industries such as tourism. Chinese companies, meanwhile, are struggling to retain young employees who are fed up with low pay and long hours.

Americans are besieged by stress, a poll finds: Concerns over nuclear war and inflation — following two years of a pandemic — have Americans more stressed than ever.


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