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Assorted Links Monday

What if all jobs went away for good, community economic development, supply chain disasters, renting rules, reshoring, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Monday
Photo by S Migaj / Unsplash

The death of the job: What if paid work was no longer the centerpiece of American life?

The role of public policy in rural community economic development: Together, elected officials and economic development leaders can connect the dots between the role of public policy and CED by visioning for the future, naming the local needs, setting some goals, and innovatively developing public policy as a tool to create a thriving rural community.

The Supply Chain Disaster: From shipping to labor to manufacturing, here’s a numerical look at the issues that are making business such a headache for the promo industry.

Cargo piles up as California ports jostle over how to resolve delays: U.S. shipping operations remain clogged as ports, truckers and warehouses can’t find enough workers or agree on 24/7 operations.

Renters now rule the suburbs in DC, Miami and Los Angeles: The American Dream may no longer be about buying a home, but renting one.

Feudal Future Podcast: The Reshoring Revolution: Is This The Future of America?


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