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Assorted Links Monday

County-level data on uptake of emergency pandemic benefit for broadband access, content marketing, mountain biking trails, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Monday
Photo by Tobias Bjerknes / Unsplash

New interactive map shows county-level data on uptake of emergency pandemic benefit for broadband access:

How Euclid, Ohio is filling vacant Main Street storefronts to recover from the pandemic: Supporting local Black- and Latino- or Hispanic-owned small-scale manufacturing businesses on its Main Street.

Why cities build mountain biking parks, and how to convince yours:

Rural rising: Economic development strategies for America’s heartland.

Regional Development: A likely entrepreneurial development opportunity strategy guide.

Commuter-led entrepreneurial development: Nearly every rural community has commuters. During this episode Shelley and Don explore the importance of commuters in rural community economic development and how commuters, both physical and electronic or digital commuters, can be a significant source of entrepreneurial talent. (a podcast)

Is it time for a national zoning atlas? Yes.

Wanted: New economic models for a post-globalization world. Harvard Kennedy School faculty launch project to explore alternative economic policies that generate equitable growth and good jobs.

Plain language in economic development: We have to be extra clear to make sure people understand where we are coming from and why before we even attempt to try to accomplish a task or project with another organization.

40+ content marketing statistics to power your 2022 strategy:

Selecting a headquarters: A nuanced affair.


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