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Assorted Links Saturday

Mexico goes boom (in a good way), the long tail, paying people to move to your city is a bust, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Saturday
Photo by Jorge Aguilar / Unsplash

🇲🇽!  Mexican economy grows strongly on U.S. demand, services. This is great news for the US.

Long tails are good:

Long tails drive everything. They dominate business, investing, sports, politics, products, careers, everything. Rule of thumb: Anything that is huge, profitable, famous, or influential is the result of a tail event. Another rule of thumb: Most of our attention goes to things that are huge, profitable, famous, or influential. And when most of what you pay attention to is the result of a tail, you underestimate how rare and powerful they really are.

Paying people to move to your city is a bust:

There’s just one problem. In the 10 months since the program launched, Urbanski is the only person who’s taken the Cornerstone Alliance up on its offer. Cleveland said that two more families are poised to move to the county soon, but he’s still nowhere near his initial goal of giving out 25 incentives by the end of this year. Now he’s hoping he’ll hit five.

‘40 acres and a mall’: How community ownership models can preserve economic power in Black neighborhoods.

What happens in our factories: How are wind turbines made:


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