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Assorted Links Saturday

The future of fast food, a post pandemic dog shortage, how to work two jobs for fun and profit, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Saturday
Photo by Werner Du plessis / Unsplash

The great American dog shortage: Demand for pet dogs is far outstripping supply, and the imbalance is expected to worsen as young adults consider dog ownership a normal life stage (before kids), dog breeders face increasing regulation and the U.S. cracks down on illegal dog imports.

Critical care doctors are in crisis: Who’s caring for the ICU physicians?

These people who work from home have a secret - they have two jobs: When the pandemic freed employees from having to report to the office, some saw an opportunity to double their salary on the sly. Why be good at one job, they thought, when they could be mediocre at two?

Pay cut: Google employees who work from home could lose money.

Touchless Taco Bell could be the future of drive-thrus:

  • There are four drive-thru lanes, three of which are dedicated to mobile or delivery orders.
  • The fourth lane is a traditional drive-thru, where you place your order at a kiosk and drive ahead for pickup.
  • Food is delivered from the elevated kitchen above via a proprietary lift system similar to the pneumatic tubes used by those bank branches.

The share of job posts that require a Covid vaccine were up 34% on Aug. 7 when compared to the prior month, according to Indeed data.


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