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Assorted Links Saturday

Labor shortages reach the North Pole: Santas are in short supply. That, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Saturday
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There is not enough housing for sale or rent in communities across the country.

Was the office always this distracting? Get ruthless about your productivity now: Chatty colleagues and hybrid meetings don’t have to break your concentration as you transition from remote work; ‘We can reclaim control over our environment’

The 37-year-olds are afraid of the 23-year-olds who work for them: Twenty-somethings rolling their eyes at the habits of their elders is a longstanding trend, but many employers said there’s a new boldness in the way Gen Z dictates taste.

A trucker reports on the supply chain crisis.

Meet skimpflation: A reason inflation is worse than the government says it is.

Research: People prefer friendliness, trustworthiness in teammates over skill competency.  People who are both trustworthy and competent are most sought after.

The LinkedIn Economic Development Newsletter for October 2021 is out.

How working from home could change where innovation happens: For decades, ‘superstar cities’ have been attracting talent and money. But thanks to remote work, their status is likely to change in unexpected ways, bringing tech expertise to places that have long tried to attract it.

Video: An epidemic of car break-ins in San Francisco creating a glass shortage at repair shops.

SDG President, Mark Williams, was on The Next Move Group's podcast with Chad Chancellor talking about his new book on site selection and economic development.  Listen here.

Labor shortages reach the North Pole: Santas are in short supply as demand rises and some remain wary of risking Covid-19 exposure.

Introducing the chokepoint economy, when shortages start to matter:

Everywhere you look, there are shortages and bottlenecks. Containers for shipping are in short supply and ports are struggling to keep up with demand. Semiconductors — a crucial component in everything from cars to iPhones — have been so scant that they’re impacting production of cars and GDP. There are shortages of lumber and pallets.

Wall Street lunch hour dogged by bread supply crisis:

Bloomberg’s Pret Index shows that transaction volume in the downtown Manhattan cluster that includes Wall Street retreated to 50% of pre-pandemic levels last week. The drop from 56% a week earlier was almost entirely the result of shortages of ingredients critical to sandwich assembly such as grains, lettuce and arugula, Pret Chief Executive Officer Pano Christou said in an interview.

Hot streaks in your career don’t happen by accident:

First explore. Then exploit. Researchers found clusters of highly successful work, as determined by higher-than-average art-auction prices, IMDb film ratings, or scientific-journal citations. Bursts of high-impact works [are] remarkably universal across diverse domains. Just about everybody has a period in their life when they produce at their best — Special bursts of creativity , or “hot streaks,” special creativity clusters.

The last great mystery of the mind: meet the people who have unusual – or non-existent – inner voices

Most of us have an inner voice: that constant presence that tells you to “Watch out” or “Buy shampoo” or “Urgh, this guy’s a creep”. For many of us, this voice sounds much like our own, or at least how we think we sound. But for some people, their inner voice isn’t a straightforward monologue that reproaches, counsels and reminds. Their inner voice is a squabbling Italian couple, say, or a calm-faced interviewer with their hands folded on their lap. Or it’s a taste, feeling, sensation or colour. In some cases, there isn’t a voice at all, just silence.

Quitters get raises:

from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.


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