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Assorted Links Saturday

How a steel box changed the world, study less to study more, sharper vision = a sharper mind, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Saturday
Photo by Antonio Gabola / Unsplash

How a steel box changed the world: A brief history of shipping.

Good to know: 12 tips for a successful 1031 Exchange.

Mexico City and the pitfalls of becoming a remote work destination: The city has become a remote work playground for expats. Meanwhile, rising housing prices and inflation have made it more unaffordable for locals.

Nice raise. Too bad about inflation: Higher prices mean your boss may need to give you more than just a small raise.

Sharper vision, sharper mind? The risk of developing dementia was 29 percent lower among people who had cataract surgery.

When the need for affordable housing runs up against zoning laws:

A growing chorus of experts say middle housing, a class of multifamily housing options that falls between single-family homes and large apartment complexes, is a vital instrument in the fight against unaffordable housing.
But middle housing has a big problem: Zoning in most residential areas doesn't allow it.

Study Less, Study Smart: Dr. Marty Lobdell has an excellent lecture about how to  study. His advice: study less.  One problem, his lecture is nearly an hour long.

Here's a 6-minute summary with 80-90% of the value in 1/10th of the time:

Suburbia is subsidized: Here's the math.

Car-depedent suburbia is subsidized by productive urban places. That's why American cities are broke. But how bad is it, and who is subsidizing who?

Synthetic materials that will shape the future:


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