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Assorted Links Saturday

100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying, and so much more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Saturday
Photo by Austin Schmid / Unsplash

100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying.

This is what happens when globalization breaks down: The story of one shipping container from a factory in China to a warehouse in the United States traces the arc of a global supply chain consumed by trouble.

Online shopping in the middle of the ocean: E-commerce giants don’t reliably deliver to the remote islands of French Polynesia, so locals made their own online shopping service.

Covid facemasks 2.0? Dyson is making air-purifying headphones.

April Fools: Smokestack falls and kills economic developer after announcement of new recruitment strategy.

America's Jobs Team podcast: How does Amazon approach economic development and community partnerships?

Port delays are getting worse in Shanghai. That's very bad news for global supply chains.

Financial markets may have just predicted a recession: Inversions of the yield curve on US Treasury bonds have preceded most recessions for 150 years. It happened again this week.

‘Made in America’ is about to make a roaring comeback. That's good and bad.

The labor supply is growing, but the demand is growing faster.

War-related fertilizer shortage leads to slump in US corn planting.

The pandemic pet boom was real:


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