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Assorted Links Sunday

Semiconductor shortages, brick and mortar in the age of Covid and Amazon, economic forecasters, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Sunday
Photo by Cameron Venti / Unsplash

A global semiconductor shortage: How, why and what the US can do about it

Mark Barbash on brick-and-mortar retail in the age of Covid, and Amazon:

How to Keep Economic Development Relevant: Inside an article about keeping Kohl's relevant, Michelle Gass, CEO, talked about what she learned from her time at Starbucks that could easily apply to economic developers: "... the importance of culture; such a strong culture was built over time. Secondly, it’s not just what you sell, but it’s the importance of that human connection, the emotional connection around the life or consumer, the affinity for the brand. And then the third, and a big passion of mine, is the power of innovation."

People who make economic forecasts for a living have repeatedly made the same mistake: They have been too optimistic:

The world’s shippers are earning the most money since 2008: Container ships, bulkers, car carriers all earning fortunes


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