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Assorted Links Sunday

Fighting zoom fatigue, Future Feed, and is this the end of smart cities?

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Sunday

Fix your Zoom fatigue: Stanford researchers identify four causes and their simple fixes.

FutureFeed: A livestock feed made from seaweed that reduces methane emissions in beef and dairy cattle by more than 80 per cent has been awarded the world’s largest monetary reward on the global food arena.

Are Nevada's proposed Autonomous Innovation Zones the future of ED: A company needs to make an immediate investment of $250 million in land and infrastructure, commit to investing at least $1 billion over a 10-year period to develop a smart city, and own at least 50,000 uninhabited acres in Nevada. Presenters called it the highest bar for any economic development program in state history.

But the again, maybe smart cities are on the way out? Why you’ll be hearing a lot less about them. (Blame the backlash against big tech, and Covid)


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