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Assorted Links Thursday

Navigating the post pandemic return to in-person conferences with color coded bracelets, 2 truths and a lie, and so much more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Thursday

US-China relations: Biden’s trade strike force sees US turns to aggressive ‘industrial policy’ to counter Beijing.  This is a gentle reminder that Biden is far more economically nationalist than Trump ever was -- especially towards China.

The next great supply shortage is diamonds.  This is not a joke. Everyone who put all their big, formal wedding for the last year is now rushing to do it this year.

The CEO of the largest US lumber producer says that the commodity's sky-high price is not the new normal, even as he foresees sustained demand over the next decade

Two truths and a lie about your economic development / entrepreneurship culture:

Modern entrepreneur-led economic development strategies are built around two ideas: (1) money is needed to drive everything and (2) a belief that there is a deficiency in specific skills (think training on MS Excel, emotional intelligence, or lean product development). Yet, if you ask an entrepreneur what they need, they will often say, “I’m not sure, but money who help.” The real secret we entrepreneurs won't admit is that often we don’t know what we need… if we did, we would have a plan for getting it.

Andrew Phillips on LinkedIn: #talentattraction #economicdevelopment
In case you haven’t heard, a LOT of people are moving to Florida. As someone who looks at our LinkedIn Workforce Report every month, you get used to ...

I like this: Read means stay back, yellow means elbow bumps only, and green means hug me like you mean it.


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