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Assorted Links Thursday

Underutilized office properties, working at home, inflation, taco jobs, and so much more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Thursday
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You'll never guess which one! Payroll employment up 25 states, down in 1 state, in June 2021:

🏠 Underutilized office properties could represent residential conversion opportunities: Converting office properties to residential use has a long and storied tradition in major cities throughout the country. As office stock ages and becomes less efficient, it has frequently been given a second-life by urban dwellers seeking distinctive abodes

Revenue generated by curbside use:

💰💰💰 Today the EDA announced plans for their portion -- $3 billion -- of American Rescue Plan Act. They call the plan, which consists of 6 separate Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs), Investing in America’s Communities. Here's the IEDC with more info.

🎤 Site Selection Matters Podcast: Dennis Donovan of Wadley Donovan Gutshaw Consulting discussing how #econdev pros can effectively position their communities in the post-pandemic era.

🛌 The battles to come over the benefits of working from home: Not having to commute was the equivalent of a big bonus for many employees. In the future, bosses may expect more hours in exchange for remote work, an economist says.

📈 A brief history of inflation in the US:

Looking for a real career change? McCormick is hiring a 'Director of Taco Relations' with a $100,000 paycheck: Anyone is welcome to apply regardless of their taco experience.


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