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Assorted Links Thursday

You’re already behind on your Christmas shopping

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Thursday
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The best states for manufacturing:

Six strategic initiatives for supply chain and manufacturing leaders in advanced manufacturing industries: new white paper.

Does America need more planning? A long-read Q&A with Neil Chilson:

In economics, “emergent order” refers to systems of order that spontaneously emerge without any central direction or plan. It is the unplanned order of supply and demand that makes market economies work. But critics of a hands-off approach to policy contend that order is likely to devolve into chaos without rational, calculated planning. In this episode of “Political Economy,” Neil Chilson discusses the lessons of emergent order for policymakers and whether this concept still applies in the complex, data-rich world of the 21st century.

People mistake the internet’s knowledge for their own:

Using Google to answer general knowledge questions artificially inflates peoples’ confidence in their own ability to remember and process information and leads to erroneously optimistic predictions regarding how much they will know without the internet. When information is at our fingertips, we may mistakenly believe that it originated from inside our heads.

‘I quit’ is all the rage. Blip or sea change? Labor economist Lawrence Katz looks at ‘Great Resignation’ and where it might lead.

Stores to customers: You’re already behind on your Christmas shopping. Retailers are nudging buyers to get started early for the holidays with crash courses in supply chains; ‘Best time to order? Right now!’

Why there is not enough housing for sale or rent across the country:

Homebuilding collapsed during the housing crash over a decade ago and has been slow to recover. Construction of high-end homes and apartments recovered first, and there is now an oversupply in some urban areas across the country. However, the construction of reasonably priced homes to rent or own has only recently begun to increase and continues to lag demand.

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