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Assorted Links Thursday

America has a real chance to experience a genuine economic boom over the next couple years, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Thursday
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🧑‍💻 How to email like a boss:

📈 The case for patience on inflation: So far, the data still suggest that prices should stop spiking once (if?) the pandemic is brought under control globally.

🕰 Today has been a long time coming:

The current state of affairs has been a long time coming. Our instinct is to do something (anything!) to stop the short term pain.But the reality is that the worst of it will work itself out over time. This too shall pass.
But to address the underlying long term issues, it will take more than tapping the strategic petroleum reserve or changing Fed Chiefs. That means discussing fundamental changes to how we approach housing, employment, manufacturing, capital. I am not sure how much of an appetite there is for that sort of rethink.

🚗 Supply chain creates garage door waiting game: The city of Sacramento will now allow garages to be boarded up in new homes, if the garage doors are not delivered in time.

💰 What supply chain crisis? America's largest retailer is doing just fine.

🏪 Uneasy about the economy, Americans are spending anyway: Retail sales jumped 1.7 percent in October, the third monthly increase, a rise that highlighted the resilience of the U.S. economy.

Walmart started using autonomous drones in new delivery service: The new on-demand delivery service, which uses autonomous drone technology, outside a Walmart headquarters in Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

😉 A month of inflation does not a crisis make:

America has a real chance to experience a genuine economic boom over the next couple years, one that might heal some of the lasting economic scars of the lost decade that followed the 2008 crash. Some moderate — and likely temporary — inflation is an acceptable risk to give that boom its best possible chance of happening.

😴 From Amazon to Zoom: What happens in an internet minute in 2021?


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