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Assorted Links Thursday

Just relax, everything is going to be all right.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Thursday
Photo by Sage Friedman / Unsplash

Past bear markets:

Think size matters? Economic development needs a new currency.

Foxconn megafactory flop forces Wisconsin town to recast its net: Local officials try to woo other manufacturers with infrastructure improvements that remain on Foxconn’s tab.

Opening a restaurant in Boston takes 92 steps, 22 forms, 17 office visits, and $5,554 in 12 fees. Why? It's nearly just as bad in San Francisco, Detroit, Atlanta, and many other U.S. cities.

Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X all basically agree on WFH: Support for hybrid working is high across demographics.

Average change in the price of selected raw materials since January 2022:

Stopping inflation is going to hurt: The economy will feel worse before it feels better.

Re-shoring advanced packaging:

The United States semiconductor industry and the U.S. government are engaged in ambitious plans to expand domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity. Targeted investment incentives to increase U.S.-based advanced packaging capacity are also important. Historically, packaging was viewed as a labor intensive and low-value added “back-end” activity (as opposed to high value-added “front-end” semiconductor fabrication). As a result, firms offshored these activities to overseas locations, primarily in Asia. This article discusses the supply chain for advanced packaging, leading firms, trends in innovation, and relevant policy developments.

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