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Assorted Links Tuesday

Ending unemployment benefits hasn't helped the labor shortage, ICSC is changing its name to ICSC, grill makers are cashing in, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Tuesday
Photo by Evan Wise / Unsplash

U.S. states that ended federal unemployment benefit saw no clear job gains: States putting an early end to federal unemployment benefits saw a larger jump in local labor supply in June than those planning to maintain the $300 weekly supplement until early September, new data show, though there was no clear sign it had led to significantly more hiring.

It's important to remember that although China seems to make "everything", they don't make the machines to make the things.  Hence: The Biden administration, continuing a Trump policy, seeks to stop a Dutch company from selling China machines crucial to advanced microprocessors.

ICSC is changing its name to ICSC: The International Council of Shopping Centers is switching up its name to move with the times, though it is keeping the initials for which it is known.  ICSC now stands for Innovating Commerce Serving Communities, the global trade association for retail real estate announced Monday.

The Economic Development Administration’s Research and National Technical Assistance program awarded a $790,020 grant to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Recast City. The award will be used to provide direct technical assistance to support RLF recipients in ways that promote equitable lending strategies and outcomes via a collaborative approach that will focus on peer-to-peer mentoring.  We interviewed Ilana Preuss, founder of Recast City, on the Econ Dev Show in episode #7.

🌮 Oh no, a taco shortage! Taco Bell warns it is running out of several key ingredients due to supply-chain snags, as customers report shortages of chicken, beef, taco shells, and hot sauce.

The economic risks from anti-vaxxers: The risk here is regions selectively shutting down stores, restaurants, offices, and local businesses. Worse, once people in a local high infection area realize what has happened, they will engage self-impose “Shelter at Home.” Even without a quarantine lockdown, local economies might crash again.

The pandemic-induced renaissance of malls: For the last decade or so, malls have been dying. Surprisingly, the pandemic may save them.

An ‘Airbnb for pools’ is making a splash this summer: Swimply reports surge in demand amid pandemic, rising pool-chemical costs.

Grill makers are the hottest things in post-pandemic IPOs: Companies that thrived on lockdown lifestyles are rushing to cash in.


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