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Assorted Links Tuesday

Used car prices are down and easier to buy, the National Debt, Ray Perryman on what's wrong with Texas and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Tuesday
Photo by Carles Rabada / Unsplash

Cars are back to being depreciating assets: Protracted supply chain issues caused a shortage of new cars, and in turn used cars, as demand boomed.  Now that's ending.

Goldman Sachs is giving entry-level bankers a nearly 30% raise: The Wall Street firm, which trailed its peers in raising junior bankers’ salaries, now tops them.

150 years of US National Debt:

Dr. Ray Perryman on why it matters that Texas came in fourth in a CNBC study of the top states for business:

The bottom line is that knowledge workers and, hence, high-growth companies are much less likely to locate in places which are not seen as inclusive and this tendency is increasing over time. This ranking is a compelling early warning signal that short-sighted, counterproductive policies risk eroding the progress over the past 30+ years in building Texas to be the most competitive economy in the country. It's an unforced error that the state can ill afford.

Auto loans are getting easier to come by: Car loan approval ratings are at the highest since 2015.


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