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Assorted Links Tuesday

It’s my birthday, and does Shark Tank create new entrepreneurs?

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Tuesday

Does Shark Tank create new entrepreneurs?  No.

We find that watching Shark Tank seems to encourage people who are unfamiliar with entrepreneurship to explore it, but it does little to change an individual’s fundamental underlying propensity to be an entrepreneur.

The pandemic rapidly accelerated the growth of eCommerce. What are the implications for owners of industrial assets

The movement to fill voids in hub-and-spoke delivery networks to speed same-day delivery of high-volume items to consumers is one driven by proximity to those consumers. Geographic focus will increasingly shift away from large tracts of available land in exurban environments and toward infill locations in urban and suburban markets. Land and redevelopment plays ranging from the conversion of vacant former retail space (particularly standalone big box space) to rehabs of obsolete product (especially former manufacturing space) will play a central role in this trend.

Time to rethink workforce development? Google has announced they will begin accepting Google Learning Certificates in place of college degrees, offering in six-months what would normally take four years.

Also, happy 45th birthday to me.


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