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Econ Dev Funding Opportunities - June 2023

Show me the money: Uncle Sam's got deep pockets for your econ dev dreams!

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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EDA 2023 STEM Talent Challenge
Deadline: June 12, 2023

EDA Grants Management Portal

EDA’s Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship is seeking applications from eligible applicants to create and implement innovative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) work-based learning models (such as Registered Apprenticeships) that complement their respective region’s innovation economy. The STEM Talent Challenge seeks to develop or expand regional workforce capacity to support high-growth, high-wage entrepreneurial ventures, industries of the future (which usually includes industries that leverage emerging technologies), and other innovation—driven businesses that have a high likelihood of accelerating economic competitiveness and job creation in their respective regions and in the United States. Find out more.

Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant
Deadline: June 30, 2023

Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant Program
This program provides funding for rural projects through local utility organizations.

The Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant program provides funding for rural projects through local utility organizations. USDA provides zero-interest loans to local utilities which they, in turn, pass through to local businesses (ultimate recipients) for projects that will create and retain employment in rural areas. The ultimate recipients repay the lending utility directly. The utility then is responsible for repayment to USDA.

USDA provides grants to local utility organizations which use the funding to establish Revolving Loan Funds (RLF). Loans are made from revolving loan funds to projects that will create or retain rural jobs. When the revolving loan fund is terminated, the grant is repaid to USDA.

The Agency anticipates the following maximum amounts per award: Loans - $2,000,000; Grants - $300,000. Learn more.

EDA University Center Program
Deadline: July 10, 2023

Fiscal Year 2023 University Center Economic Development (UC) Competition | U.S. Economic Development Administration
The U.S. Economic Development Administration has published the FY 2023 University Center Economic Development Program Competition Notice of Funding Opportunity, making $8.4 million in federal funds available to accredited institutions of higher education or a consortium of accredited institutions of…

EDA’s University Center program enables institutions of higher education and consortia of these institutions to establish and operate University Centers (UCs) focused on leveraging university assets to build regional economic ecosystems that support innovation and high-growth entrepreneurship, resiliency, and inclusiveness. More info.

EDA Tech Hubs Program
Deadline: August 15, 2023

Regional Technology and Innovation Hubs (Tech Hubs)
List of funding opportunity resources.

The Tech Hubs program is an economic development initiative to drive technology- and innovation-centric growth that leverages existing R&D strengths and technology demonstration and deployment capacities (public and private) within a region to catalyze the creation of good jobs for American workers at all skill levels equitably and inclusively. More info.

USDA Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program
Deadline: Ongoing

Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program
This program provides affordable funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development provides funding to construct, enlarge, or improve essential community facilities in rural areas.Rural communities can use these fundsto build or modernize schools, health care clinics, libraries, and public safety facilities. Read more here.

EPA Brownfield Grants
Deadline: Ongoing

Brownfields and Land Revitalization in EPA Region 6 | US EPA
EPA Region 6 (South Central) Brownfields

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has grants available for cleaning up brownfields in your community. Brownfields are properties that have been contaminated by pollutants or hazardous waste. The EPA offers Area-Wide Planning Grants, Assessment Grants, Revolving Loan Fund Grants, Cleanup Grants, Multipurpose Grants, and Job Training Grants. More info.


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