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Hickey Releases Report on Incentives in the US

The 15th edition of the US Credits & Incentives Update is now available.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Hickey Releases Report on Incentives in the US

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Hickey & Associates, the global site selection and incentives advisory leader, released the 15th edition of their credits and incentives report.

The new edition of the U.S. Credits & Incentives Update, provides analysis and insights on the critical trends, legislative changes, policy shifts, and proposed regulations around the nation’s state capitals and local communities.

As the nation emerges from the pandemic over the past year, states and communities are anxious for recovery and a return to where they were before.  In doing so, many government officials and economic development leaders are shifting their approaches to retain and recruit business.
In the new report, the Hickey Location Analytics & Incentives Research team take an in-depth review and analysis of the policy shifts and legislative changes across the country in recent months, including the unprecedented funding and relief efforts from the federal government.

Download the Spring 2021 Report.


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