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Podcast Episode 37 - Tax Increment Financing with Emily Blaylock

Dane talks with Emily Blaylock about Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Podcast Episode 37 - Tax Increment Financing with Emily Blaylock
Photo by Carlos Muza / Unsplash

Episode # 37 of the Econ Dev Show Podcast is now live.

In this episode, Dane talks with Emily Blaylock, Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer for Northwest Bank about Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Today's issue is brought to you by LocalIntel.

Northwest Bank & Trust Company is an entrepreneurial bank that has built an Economic Development Division to help developers and municipalities get projects done around the US.  They utilize Tax Increment Financing (TIF) incentives designated from the municipalities to give developers funds upfront.  These funds can be used to provide gap equity, expansion of existing sites, investment in other projects, working capital needs, or tenant improvements.

Currently, they have completed projects in 8 states and over $400 million in funding.  Their team has over 100 years of combined education in economic development and banking to help structure these loans.

Listen now.


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