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Job: President and CEO, Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada

EDAWN is focused on assisting primary companies that produce goods and services in the Greater Reno-Sparks area.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) is a private/public partnership established in 1983, committed to adding quality jobs to the Region by recruiting new companies, supporting the success of existing companies, and assisting newly forming companies to diversify the economy and have a positive impact on the quality of life in Greater Reno-Sparks. At the core of EDAWN's mission they are a Marketing, Business Development, and Customer Service organization.

EDAWN is focused on assisting primary companies that produce goods and services in the Greater Reno-Sparks area and that export the majority of those goods and services outside the state, bringing "new" money into the community.

Reporting to the Board Chair, the President and CEO will provide oversight, strategic guidance, and management direction to a staff of economic development professionals to support strategic initiatives to further economic development in the Northern Nevada region. The President and CEO operates a high-profile position in the Region and must be able to strengthen and enhance the partnerships with key business, government, education, and economic leaders throughout Northern Nevada.


Organizational Leadership and Management

• Provide leadership to the Board of Trustees and community partners in the execution of the strategic plan, which includes measurable performance metrics, continual performance monitoring, and regular progress reporting to the Board of Trustees and other external partners.
• Implement all policies adopted by the Board of Trustees of EDAWN and direct and manage the daily operations of the business and its employees.
• Build and maintain investor relationships with public officials and EDAWN investors.
• Perted to strengthening targeted recruitment and growth of businesses and industries across the Region.
• Oversee necessary research, marketing, and site-facilitating programs to enhance economic development and job growth within the Region.
• Foster a climate of innovation and entrepreneurship that continues the Reno-Sparks ecosystem for growing and retaining small businesses and start-ups.
• Ensure that the Region's economic development efforts are properly coordinated throughout the Region, and establish desirable and effective partnerships to foster growth, collaboration, and desired outcomes.
• Develop a system for the data collection on economic indicators for the Region and create regular reports for the benefit of the Board of Trustees, community partners, and business interests.
• Develop and sustain trusting relationships with the leadership of prospective companies, national and international site selectors, and commercial and industrial realtors.
• Evaluate programs to ensure available resources in the area meet the needs of potential business development.
• Proactively identify opportunities for collaboration with ADOs, municipal government entities, and other community partners to promote the Region.
• Effectively collaborate with regional workforce development entities on strategically leveraging local talent, compiling workforce and education data, developing future markets, and coordinating specific recruitment opportunities.

Board of Trustees Support and Leadership

• Serve as chief liaison to the Board of Trustees, including facilitating agenda setting, Board of Trustees orientation, and proactive communication and record-keeping.
• Propose and develop policies to competitively position the Region for business attraction and investment.
• Regularly communicate to the Board of Trustees on EDAWN's financial position and progress against established objectives.
• Lead the creation of annual operating plans and budgets.
• Assist in the selection and recruitment of Board of Trustees who will advance EDAWN's mission.

Fiscal Management

• Plan, oversee, and monitor all financial aspects of EDAWN, assuring compliance with all laws, regulations, and accounting standards.
• Monitor all accounting and fiduciary functions including asset management, banking, payroll, purchasing, taxes, and financial reporting.
• Proactively seek opportunities to enhance the financial position of EDAWN.

Public Relations and Marketing

• Oversee the continued development of the Region's "brand;" champion the brand both internally and externally and serve as the public face of the organization.
• Identify the need for and oversee the development of a variety of regional, national, and international marketing materials and programs to promote the Region.
• Represent EDAWN to the media on matters of economic and business development, either alone or in conjunction with Board of Trustees and/or community officials.
• Develop high-level networks with representatives of local, state, and federal governmental agencies, business and industry, regional and community agencies, and other business and economic development organizations (e.g., Chambers of Commerce, tourism associations).


• A minimum of ten (10) years' experience in relevant positions, particularly those related to economic development, public/private partnerships, and/or civic or non‐profit development institutions, with a minimum of five (5) years in increasingly responsible supervisory or management positions.
• Proven track record of marshaling resources and managing complex partnerships to focus on economic development-related issues, projects, and initiatives.
• Experience working with diverse organizational stakeholders to coordinate strategic planning, branding, and unified tactical implementation.
• History of identifying and cultivating the necessary relationships that have led to creating jobs for current and future generations of business and commerce.
• Demonstrated ability to raise funds from public and private sources and identify and generate alternative funding sources.
• Strong understanding of urban real estate development, economic development finance, and incentive programs.
• Expertise in crafting public/private partnerships.
• Ability to work closely and effectively with a Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and Officers.
• Experience developing long‐term plans, programs, initiatives and evaluating organizational accomplishments.
• Ability to analyze facts, exercise sound judgment, and arrive at valid conclusions.
• Experience selling concepts and generating the excitement necessary to propel successful accomplishments.
• Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with stakeholders, colleagues, subordinates, officials from governmental and private organizations, and the public.
• Experienced in organizational development and have demonstrated the ability to win the trust and confidence of diverse stakeholders, constituencies, and public and private collaborative organizations.


• An action‐oriented, analytic "get it done" professional with a passion for change and a willingness to think out of the box, having the ability to see beyond today
• A positive and compelling leader who believes in the message and will promote the regional effort internally and externally with passion and enthusiasm.
• High personal and professional honesty, integrity, and moral stature.
• Honest; transparent; sincere; authentic; trustworthy; possesses the highest ethical and moral standards.
• Be a passionate, energetic, innovative, and capable leader.
• Discusses development needs with employees and provides them with opportunities and visibility, as well as advice and coaching. Shows a sincere interest in developing talent for the benefit of the organization.
Values and seeks out the input of others and includes others in decision‐making activities. Seeks to make others successful and invests in the interests and goals of others.
• Proven political experience working with elected officials.
• Ability to work closely and effectively with both public and private sector individuals and organizations, including business owners, developers, residents, investors, government officials, and related economic development, promotion, and capacity-building organizations.
• Ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely, verbally and written, particularly in public speaking.
• Effective management skills; a proven track record of people and project management; both tactical and strategic planning experience; a positive history of developing and meeting budgets and goals; a commitment to teamwork; the ability to delegate and hold others accountable
• The highest standards of ethics and integrity in all personal and professional matters; a commitment to excellence that earns the trust of all.


Candidates for this position will be evaluated by Jorgenson Consulting. This position is open until filled. Please submit your cover letter and resume as soon as possible to ensure you are considered for this position to [email protected].

Upon receipt, resumes will be screened in relation to the criteria outlined in this brochure.

Candidates selected to interview will be contacted by Jorgenson Consulting.


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