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The 10 Stages of Economic Developers

As depicted and described by ChatGPT.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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The 10 Stages of Economic Developers

Table of Contents

Do all economic developers go through these stages? If so, which one are you?

Grassroots Initiator: Working alone, voluntarily, for a non-profit organization with limited resources. Focuses on community engagement and small-scale initiatives.

Local Developer: Involved in local economic development, possibly for a small town or community. Works on local projects with modest budgets, often multitasking various roles.

Emerging Strategist: Gains recognition in a larger area or city, starts to influence broader economic strategies. Works with a small team and has access to more resources.

Professional Planner: Established in a mid-sized city or region, with a dedicated team. Involves in comprehensive planning, data analysis, and mid-level project management. Able to WFH.

Innovative Leader: Leads significant projects in a major city or region, introducing innovative approaches. Recognized for expertise and begins to influence policy.

Strategic Visionary: Acknowledged as a key figure in state or national economic development. Shapes large-scale strategies, directs significant projects, and influences regional policy.

Global Economist: Involved in international economic development. Works with global organizations, influences economic trends, and participates in international forums.

Futuristic Architect: Uses advanced technology and futuristic concepts to shape economies. Recognized globally for innovative solutions and forward-thinking strategies.

Universal Influencer: A renowned figure with influence over multiple aspects of global economies. Shapes economic policies on an intercontinental scale.

God-Mode Developer: Possesses almost mythical status, with the ability to influence and direct economic forces on a universal scale. Symbolizes the pinnacle of economic development prowess and expertise.

How Did I Make This?

Creating Images with DALLE in ChatGPT

To understand how I created these images, let's dive into how I used DALLE within ChatGPT. Initially, I requested ChatGPT to generate an image representing an economic developer. The result was an image titled "Strategic Visionary," which captured the essence of someone who plans and strategizes for economic growth. Intrigued, I wanted to see how far I could push the creativity of the AI, so I asked it to make the image "more epic." Each time I used the term "more epic," DALLE produced a progressively more grand and imaginative version of the original image.

After reaching a peak of epicness, I decided to reverse the process. I went back to the initial "Strategic Visionary" image and instructed DALLE to make it "less epic." By repeating this request several times, I gradually received images that scaled down in intensity and grandeur. This process allowed me to observe how DALLE interprets and modifies the concept of epicness in visual representation, leading to the first five images in the series.

For the descriptions, I asked ChatGPT to help:

from the images you've generated, I want to create an infographic of the ten stages of economic development. starting with #1 working all alone, for free, for a broke non profit, up to #10 God-Mode Economic Development. Help me define the levels.

ChatGPT outputted the descriptions and also replied:

Each stage represents a significant progression in influence, expertise, and the scale of impact in the field of economic development. This framework could serve as an inspiring guide for economic developers at various stages of their careers.

It's fascinating to see how AI can interpret and transform a simple concept through progressive stages, both escalating and de-escalating in complexity and drama. This experiment showcases the capability of AI in creative image generation and its potential use in various fields, including economic development.

Update December 1, 2023: As to why all of the economic developers are white men, I don't know.

FunAI in Economic Development

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