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Assorted Links Friday

Could the global home price boom haunt COVID recovery, what's up with the "parking lot" off the coast near California's ports, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Friday

The decline of young people in America: LA County alone lost three-quarters of a million people ages 0-24.

Mailing record players to site selectors:

Earlier this year, Grady Fitzpatrick came into work with a big idea: just because concerts weren’t happening in New Orleans, it didn’t mean that people who live around the country couldn’t enjoy our music. So we put together a custom turntable with a GNO, Inc. logo on the outside, a famous quote about the city mounted on the inside, and a custom slipmat to remind them where it all came from.

Is there really a truck driver shortage? The real problem is not a shortage but retention. According to ATA’s statistics, the average annual turnover rate for long-haul truckers at big trucking companies has been greater than 90% for decades. If a company has 10 truckers, nine will be gone within a year because so many new drivers leave within a few months.

The global house price boom could haunt the recovery from Covid: House prices around the world have rallied through the economic turmoil. Growing leverage and decreasing affordability raise both financial and political risks.

Peak shipping season is coming soon — and the “parking lot” of container ships stuck at anchor off the coast of California is still there, with Oakland surpassing Los Angeles/Long Beach as the epicenter of congestion.


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