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Assorted Links Friday

Happy Friday!

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Friday
Photo by Lucas Ludwig / Unsplash

The big men’s fashion trend of 2022? Dressing like a tween: ‘Kidcore’ -- a fad that sees adult men conjure their tweenage years with expressive, if juvenile, outfits -- has thrived during the pandemic. Why the style is resonating and how to strike a somewhat age-appropriate balance.

Greetings from the pandemic memory hole, where the last two years are one big blur: Some people have forgotten birthdays. Others have lost much more.

Restoring the California Dream:

California’s key challenge is not to produce wealth, but rather to spread its blessings more widely. Housing may well be the key issue; more than 70% of Californians surveyed consider the state’s housing costs as “a very serious issue,” and more than half are consider- ing a move out.

Kentucky farmers are increasingly caught up in a debate over a new use for farmland: solar energy 'farms'.

Chinese port congestion worsens:

Ships arriving to the Yantian terminal are delayed by an average seven days and the number of ships arriving from Europe and the U.S. has fallen more than 40% in the past two weeks, the terminal said in a customer advisory Wednesday. That comes on top of the problems Shenzhen port was already facing, with a viral outbreak earlier this month leading to lockdowns of districts, testing of workers and trucking delays at the Yantian and Shekou container terminals.

The YIMBYs are starting to win a few: Slowly but surely, progressives are realizing that they need to build, build, build.

Workforce: Which comes first, the job or the vocation?

And the big news of the day:

Intel’s new chip-making ‘mega-site’ in Ohio could house up to 8 factories: The company is pledging $20 billion towards two factories, with the potential for more.


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