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Assorted Links Friday

Happy Friday from the Econ Dev Show.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Friday
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Which of the following Super Bowl ads made you want to buy the brand’s product or service the most?

6 hiring strategies for 2022: How to attract the talent you need in the new year.

Wall Street is buying starter homes to quietly become America’s landlord: Private equity money is pouring into the Phoenix real estate market, turning first-time homebuyers into renters.

"The median home was worth about $285,000 at the beginning of the pandemic; it was valued at $435,000 two years later."

Top national workforce trends for distribution centers in 2022: Whether a company is hiring 200 or 2,000 workers. Assessing a community’s pool of available distribution workers is more critical than ever given how tight the labor market is around the country.

Regenerating commercial corridors: A proposal for states.

Free land programs in rural towns have iffy success rates:

Bottom line, the people who tend to stick around (or move there in the first place) are those who value small-town life, and those who move based on dollar signs could just as easily reverse that decision later when it's advantageous, Dent reports. That's reflected in a recent Pew Research Center survey that found that, though the pandemic has influenced where many Americans want to live, it hasn't really changed what they're looking for in a community.

International expansion in the age of remote work:

The impetus for the article is that there’s an idea floating around that in a remote-first world there isn’t a reason to expand a tech company footprint into new communities and ecosystems.
It seems intuitive, but it’s wrong.

Owner of Crown Royal whisky faces shortages resulting from high demand during the pandemic:

America's bridges are falling apart faster than expected:

Active business owners in the US:


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