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Assorted Links Friday

The death of the gas station, Japanese toddlers, cheeseburgers, and a triple or quadruple-peak work day.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Friday
Photo by Yen Vu / Unsplash

The death of the gas station: As EVs hit the road, gas stations will have to adapt or risk going out of business.

How Japan built cities where you could send your toddler on an errand: The Netflix show "Old Enough!" offers a glimpse of an alternate reality.

This cheeseburger explains your bigger grocery bill: American consumers are seeing food prices rise at the fastest rate in decades. Supply chain snarls, labor shortages and climate challenges (plus the conflict in Ukraine) share the blame.

The rise of the triple-peak work day:

Personally, I have a quadruple-peak workday with another at about 6 AM.  What about you?

Part II - The evolution of indoor climate.

Why are too many of the young men and women who live in a certain democratic capitalist country with a reputation for inexorable, can-do optimism?


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