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Assorted Links Monday

The global chase for talent, an investigation into the turkey shortage, Peter Zeihan, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Monday
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The reshoring imperative:

The Covid-19 pandemic brought tragedy and disruption to America. But it has also provided another stark warning concern­ing the country’s disastrous overreliance on overseas production. It has demon­strated that without a strong, self-reliant industrial base, this country’s ability to forge a healthy, prosperous future—and even its ability to defend itself against foreign enemies—will be severely compromised.

Californians flee the coast to inland cities in a mass pandemic-era exodus: The state’s Inland Empire tied the Phoenix region for 2020’s biggest gain in households from migration nationwide, taking in newcomers from pricier locales.

The best Thanksgiving turkey might be the one you can get. An investigation: Is there a Thanksgiving turkey shortage?

Site Selectors Guild: The global chase for talent. Who'd have imagined a labor shortage?

I listened to this podcast today, and you should, too: ## 372: The New US Geography In A Pandemic World with Peter Zeihan.  Tons of great news if you do economic development in and around Houston, Texas. 😉

Also, I'm looking forward to Zeihan's new book next year: The End of the World is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization.


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