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Assorted Links Monday

What groceries might be missing on store shelves due to food shortages in 2022: Basically everything.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Monday
Photo by Saad Chaudhry / Unsplash

Interesting podcast from the Richmond Fed: The Pricing and Supply of Rural Housing.

Why America can’t build quickly anymore: If we have 12 years to fight climate change, we can't afford to take 17 years to build subway lines.

Here are the groceries you might be missing on store shelves due to food shortages in 2022: Basically everything.

NCEDA 2022 local incentives survey: The North Carolina Economic Development Association and Creative Economic Development Consulting surveyed local economic development agencies across North Carolina to gauge the usage and terms for incentives for economic development.

Polar express: How airlines are plotting a new route to Asia.

Rent-a-stranger: This Japanese man makes a living showing up and doing nothing.

The U.S. needs a Latin America policy: It's time to be a Good Neighbor once again.

Researchers find an ongoing commitment to pandemic behaviors. They call it ‘long social distancing.’.

Will inflation fall? Any pullback depends on these sectors: Factors affecting cars, rent, energy and other categories play roles in determining if a drop will occur.

Add your local library to your economic development services:

Economic development organizations often struggle to make an impact on micro-businesses, especially disadvantaged businesses and those in minority communities. There’s a lot of reasons for that, but two of those are because they lack experience and trust with that population, and they don’t have much to offer that directly meets their needs.
of those? Your local library.

Some city-dwellers regret moving to rural areas: their complaints might be instructive for towns trying to lure new residents.


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