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Assorted Links Sunday

Breakfast cereal supply chains are getting shorter, dinosaur cowboys, NYC, consultants, simple pricing, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Sunday
Photo by Nyana Stoica / Unsplash

Kellogg investing $45M to revamp North American supply chain: Other manufacturers have made supply chain shifts during the pandemic. Conagra invested $15 million to keep its inventory up as demand for its packaged foods soared. Kraft Heinz combined disparate elements of its supply chain in order to save $2 billion until 2025, while Coca-Cola and Mondelēz reduced the complexity of their supply chains as market turbulence took hold.

Dinosaur cowboys are hunting for the next $32 million T. Rex: Fossils have become a hot new asset class. Paleontologists aren’t thrilled, but for Clayton Phipps and his peers, it’s a living.

Why the Empire State Building, and New York, may never be the same: It once symbolized an urban way of working, and the city’s resilience. In the pandemic’s second year, the future of the world’s most famous skyscraper is in doubt.

How the U.S. vaccination drive came to rely on an army of consultants: Private contractors cost taxpayers millions while demonstrating few clear results and papering over weaknesses in the country’s public health system.

Simple pricing is better: Customers will perceive your price as fairer and will be more likely to choose you, even if your overall price is higher.


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