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Assorted Links Thursday

Ocean shipping cartels, steel houses, shale growth, the NYC office glut, missing microchips, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Thursday
Photo by Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Steel houses were a good idea: It was supposed to be the future of housing. What went wrong?

Shale growth constrained by supply chain bottlenecks: The U.S. shale industry is racing to ramp up production, “but it won’t be quick.”

NYC office glut hit highs not seen since Dot-com bust:

NYC off

Did the ocean shipping cartel impose a 20% tariff on US imports? Yes. Here's more: Time as a Trade Barrier.

LinkedIn Data on marketing jobs: 'The Great Reshuffle' is real.

Speaking of missing chips, Ford is apparently going to start selling Ford Explorers without the chips that power rear air conditioning and heating controls.

By the numbers: Biden's budget priorities for supply chains.

Every day, millions of sailors, truck drivers, longshoremen, warehouse workers and delivery drivers keep mountains of goods moving into stores and homes to meet consumers’ increasing expectations of convenience. But this complex movement of goods underpinning the global economy is far more vulnerable than many imagined.

How to generate commercial real estate leads that really work.

Forget about Left Wing and Right Wing. How about an Up Wing America? A vibrant and resilient society is one with a firm belief that tomorrow can be better than today — if we choose to make it so.

Two years on: How has Covid impacted the talent search and site selection?.

February monthly leasing and finance index:


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