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Assorted Links Tuesday

Automobiles, jobs, Twitter, manufacturing, and hole-in-one insurance.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Tuesday
Photo by Soheb Zaidi / Unsplash

The strange business of hole-in-one insurance: When golf tournaments promise big cash prizes for holes-in-one, they turn to niche insurers to protect against a stroke of luck.

The U.S. city where renters get the most space on average for their money:

U.S. manufacturing lead times are lengthening:

The size of Twitter compared to other social media giants:

A global food crisis: Countries are facing a wheat crisis as Russia's attack on Ukraine threatens food supplies from one of the world’s most productive farming regions.

Back to work: Companies nationwide are struggling to get employees back in the office, but not in Austin.

Dealership car lots are still empty:

The BLS just published its latest, March JOLTS report according to which job openings just hit a new all time high 11.549 million, blowing away expectations of 11.2 million, up 205K from February and up 100K from the previous record high of 11.448 million hit in December of 2021.


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