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Assorted Links Wednesday

Rank the states, rank the LNG producers, rank the rich. It's the "rank it" edition in today's Assorted Links.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Wednesday

What I'm reading today:

Forest Industry Q&A: lumber prices versus timber prices and other recent topics.

US Congress Joint Economic Committee Hearing: Vaccinations and the Economic Recovery

How people get rich now:

In 1982 the most common source of wealth was inheritance. Of the 100 richest people, 60 inherited from an ancestor. By 2020 the number of heirs had been cut in half, accounting for only 27 of the biggest 100 fortunes. How are people making these new fortunes? Roughly 3/4 by starting companies and 1/4 by investing

Millennial homeownership is causing the US to run out of houses.  That and not building any new houses.

All US states ranked from best to worst, according to Americans: Hawaii is the top; Washington DC and Alabama the bottom.

Domino's pizzas now delivered with autonomous cars in Houston.  What a time to be alive.

What three contenders are offering for Samsung’s $17B chip plant.  "Huge incentives on the line — but decision could come down to workforce, weather."

What 3 nations are vying for global LNG dominance?  Would you guess Australia, Qatar, and the US?

A bill that would have banned hydraulic fracturing in California along with most other ways of extracting crude oil failed to pass the state Senate’s Natural Resources and Water Committee by one vote.


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