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Assorted Links Wednesday

What's in the infastructure bill, plant-based fish, the pet revolution, teenage unemployment, geothermal energy, and more.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Wednesday
Photo by Karsten Winegeart / Unsplash

What’s in the $1.2 trillion Senate infrastructure package? The bipartisan bill includes $550 billion in new investments in roads, bridges, broadband and more. It is widely expected to create a lot of jobs.

Plant-based fish is rattling the multibillion-dollar seafood industry: Beyond and Impossible showed the potential for plant-based proteins. Now tomatoes are coming for tuna.

How ‘the pet revolution’ unleashed a new top dog in America: Dogs have come a long way since the days when they were put to work on farms and fed scraps. They’ve even come a long way since just a few decades ago when they spent their nights in the doghouse. Dogs now sleep inside on orthopedic beds. They get top-notch healthcare and visits to psychiatrists who prescribe them antidepressants. They see acupuncturists and psychics. They get massages and spa days. They wear sweaters.

Teenage unemployment rate under 10 percent for the third straight month in July 2021:

Rice, rice, baby: Parents in Japan are sending bags of rice that weigh the same as their newborn babies to relatives who are unable to visit them due to the pandemic.

Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout: “An engineering problem that, when solved, solves energy.”


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