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Assorted Links Wednesday

Visualizing America's entrepreneurial spirit in 2021 and no one ever wants to experience toilet paper ever again.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Assorted Links Wednesday

Visualizing America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit During COVID-19

Jay Garner, chair of the board at the Site Selectors Guild, discusses the guild's five predictions for a Covid-19-dominated 2021.

Key supply chain trends that have been accelerated by Covid-19: Reshoring or near-shoring, the regionalisation of supply chains and the management of last-mile demand.

When asked why?

Primarily because of the experience that we went through [in 2020] when we had commodity shortages.

No one in the US ever wants to experience toilet paper ever again.

2020 retail category Winners and Losers: No real surprises. Home improvement and health care ⬆️, restaurants, vitamins/nutrition, department stores and gyms ⬇️.

Listening Today: ED Secrets with Jeff Finkle of the IEDC.


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