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Economic Development on Youtube This Week

What's new in economic development videos this week.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Economic Development on Youtube This Week
Photo by Sara Kurfeß / Unsplash

Mitch McConnell visits NKY to talk economic development

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is speaking at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce about issues concerning Kentucky and the nation.

Horizons 2021 - Investing in Talent through Inclusive Economic Development

NGIN and JFF are building a coalition of practitioners looking to design, test, and scale new models of inclusive economic development - the creation of equitable and resilient economies that everyone can contribute to and benefit from, no matter who they are or where they live. We are looking to close historic racial and gender equity gaps in communities across the country by creating equitable opportunities for talent development and economic advancement. Central to these models are the coordination of workforce and economic development strategies, addressing the place-based conditions that impact economic mobility, and prioritizing equity and inclusion in both process and outcome.

Future and Local Edges of Economic Development

What do waterway restoration, corporate pride and Buy Local have to do with each other?  They're all parts of the future of Economic Development.  And they're essential to creating vibrant communities.

Join this in depth discussion with Chicago's Dean Alonistiotis about city -driven small business funding power, water restoration driving innovation, and a new platform for making it easier to buy from local businesses online.

Part of the AccelerateUS interview series produced by the Wise Economy Workshop.

4 Corners Economic Development: Arvin Trujillo

4 Corners Economic Development wit: Arvin Trujillo


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