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Introducing: Econ Dev Show Peer Mentoring

Help other econ devs, and be helped, as both teacher and student.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Introducing: Econ Dev Show Peer Mentoring
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Mentorship is a key element in professional development and growth and can provide valuable lessons to both the mentor and the mentee.

Traditional mentorships work under a teacher-student dynamic, with the mentor providing the benefit of experience and wisdom to the mentee.

Peer mentoring encourages a give-and-take dynamic, where both can offer advice, learn from each other, and develop professionally. Each person involved as both teacher and student.

Your peer mentor will understand your challenges and concerns, and help you face them in a positive and productive way. And you'll do the same for them.

How Does Econ Dev Show Peer Mentoring Work?

  1. Signup here.
  2. Each quarter, you'll be assigned a new peer mentor.
  3. Twice a month, you'll both receive a three question prompt, via email or text message, to kick start your conversation. The questions will range from the professional (attraction and BR&E, community development, workforce), to interpersonal (board relations, employees, volunteers), to future goals (education), and more.
  4. Continue your private conversation with your peer mentor at your own pace.

When does the first class start?

May 2.

What's the cost?

It's 100% free.

Is it private?

The Econ Dev Show is only connecting the peer-mentors.  Your conversation is 1-on-1 and completely private.

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