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Podcast Episode 22 - Meet the "Chief Remover of Obstacles" Lea Ann Seiler

Her job is to figure out what obstacles she can remove so that her community members can move forward.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Podcast Episode 22 - Meet the "Chief Remover of Obstacles" Lea Ann Seiler
Photo by Tim Wilson / Unsplash

Episode #22 of the Econ Dev Show Podcast is now live.

In this episode, Dane talks with Lea Ann Seiler.  She's been the economic development and tourism director in Hodgeman County, Kansas (population 1,723) for 14 years. Lea Ann's job is to daily figure out what obstacles she can remove so that her community members can move forward with their businesses and life.

Listen now.

From the Pre Interview

What's the Most Important Thing You've Learned Recently?

"Be Persistent.  Be creative.  And keep learning from amazing people, either in person or by reading and listening to podcasts. We are all far more capable than we think."

Favorite Books & Resources

This was SO hard.  I love to read and probably read a couple books every week.  Over the years my most favorite books have changed....but a few that immediately come to mind are:  Who Owns the Ice House (Gary Schoeniger and Clifton Taulbert); Blue Ocean Strategy (Steve Sims) and The Future is Faster Than You Think (Peter Diamandis)....if you asked me on another day, I may list others...but I almost always read non-fiction.  I love Audible as well as physical books...but tend to read with a pen and underline - write in the pages...or write on a small notebook as I read.

Favorite Economic Development Tools

My Franklin Planner.  I have tried electronic calendars and I just love my paper one.  I also like to set reminder alarms on my cell phone and sometimes batch cook.  I listen to podcasts (including yours) and books while I'm in the car EXCEPT from Halloween until New Years....when I love to listen to Christmas music on Sirius XM.  I'm also not big on TV, except for Hallmark Christmas movies and HGTV.

I'm almost embarrassed to say...but I quit watching the news when my son deployed to Afghanistan (12 years ago) and I've never gone back.  One morning I was at a hotel breakfast area and was sitting square in front of the TV...and I realized that watching the news overwhelms me and makes me anxious...and probably somewhat depressed... so I cut it completely out.

More About Lea Ann

My husband Gary and I have five grown children; 6 grandchildren; and a little Scotty named Maimie (after Maimie Eisenhower).  Our newest "child" is a an 1886 stone building we bought on Mainstreet in Jetmore and are working to restore it and make a large loft apartment on the top floor and a Coffee Shop/Flower/Small retail place on the first floor.  We've now owned it for 5 years and are inching our way closer to having it ready to go.  (Life keeps getting in the way.)  It will be named FarmHouse Fresh and feature Charcuterie Boards and Salads.  We'd like our youngest daughter to come back to run it.... and she will graduate with her degree in Business and Entrepreneurship in May.... so we've got to get busy!


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