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This Week in Economic Development Youtube

I watch economic development Youtube, so you don't have to.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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This Week in Economic Development Youtube
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Australia: Working at the City | Economic Development Officer

Arizona: Exclusive Update at Sonoran Creek Marketplace with Director of Economic Development Nathan Steele

Things are looking pretty sweet in Maricopa as we welcome in another popular retail establishment into our community. Take a quick tour with our Director of Economic Development and get an exclusive insight into the careful planning, coordination, and effort it takes to bring in more local businesses.

Canada: It's My Story, My Life - S1E7

It’s My Story, My Life is the first Indigenous series produced by Rogers tv New Brunswick, and is a proud partnership with the Pabineau First Nations community. This series explores the lives and fascinating stories as told by the people of Pabineau. In episode seven, Chief Terry Richardson and economic development officer Jim Richardson discuss the future of the pabineau first nations people.

California: Industrial development booms in Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill, once boasting of its quiet country charm, is changing rapidly. Len Ramirez reports.

Florida: South Beach Redevelopment Projects

A highlight reel of many of the redevelopment and economic development activities worked on by members of the BusinessFlare Team when they were engaged in economic development in Miami Beach's South Beach, as employees of the City and other agencies. These projects and the hard work of a lot of people set the stage for Miami Beach's continued and future success in economic development.

Alabama: Project Skyfall: South Alabama megasite begins project plans

More than 12 years ago, the Balwin County Commission purchased three-thousand acres of land for a total of 36 million dollars-- the valued piece of property was later branded as the South Alabama "Megasite". The vision of the "Megasite" was to land a major manufacturing company to aid in the economic growth and development in the southern Alabama area.

Kansas: NOW HIRING: Community Development & Housing Director

The City of Pittsburg is seeking the right candidate to lead the community development and housing team, and help continue the momentum Pittsburg has experienced in the last decade. With ambitious leadership and strong partnerships between the city, university, chamber of commerce, and local businesses, Pittsburg is driving the greatest economic development the community has ever seen. Pittsburg’s growth is expected to add nearly 1,400 new jobs to the area, and four new housing developments are currently underway. This candidate will be at the center of the action, cultivating relationships with developers, and managing the city’s robust housing and commercial development incentives. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, and how you can be at the forefront of Pittsburg’s progress, visit our careers page at

Illinois: Woodstock Economic Development

Woodstock, IL is a great city to do business in.  Looking to start a business, relocate a business or expand a business?  Woodstock's Economic Development team is here to help every step of the way.

West Virginia: State Senate gives botanic garden economic development funding

The West Virginia State Senate was able to make a charitable donation to the only botanic garden in the Mountain State on Thursday.

Missouri: KC nonprofits looking to promote equity in economic development

Kansas City has seen billions of dollars of investment in the last few years, with brand new buildings bringing in thousands of residents to some parts of town.

Washington DC: Leading Economic Development to Provide Greater Opportunities to Underserved Entrepreneurs

In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks with Harold Pettigrew, CEO at Washington Area Community Investment Fund, Presidential Appointee at the CDFI Fund, and an Aspen Finance Fellow. First, Harold Pettigrew talked about his upbringing in Washington D.C., and the experiences that helped him find his voice. Harold also shared his experience serving in city government in New York and D.C. and how he plans to make a difference through his leadership of the Washington Area Community Investment Fund. Finally, Harold Pettigrew talked about how all leaders can play a more significant role in ensuring greater equity.

New York: Erie County releases new five-year economic development plan

Erie County has a new five-year economic development plan, aimed at tackling the challenges the region faces in today's business climate.

Next Move Group Economic Development & Chamber Newscast August 1st, 2022

The Next Move Group team details recent job-creating industrial announcements, current economic development executive searches on the market, ways states are spending stimulus money, and current affairs within Next Move Group in this week's episode.


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