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Valentine's Day and the Genesis of the Econ Dev Show

Happy Valentine's Day, the first anniversary of the 2021 Texas Freeze, and the Econ Dev Show.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Valentine's Day and the Genesis of the Econ Dev Show
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Nothing says I love you like an arbitrarily fixed number of uniformly colored flowers wrapped in plastic and sold at a 50% price premium. Right?

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Happy Valentine's Day, and a happy first anniversary of the 2021 Texas Freeze.  One year ago today my family and I were huddled in our living room, struggling to get warm next to, what turned out to be, a purely decorative gas fireplace, and cursing the idea of 15-foot ceilings.

Also - one year ago today, Galveston County Economic Development's domain name "" turned out not to be very accurate.

But today is also the anniversary of the genesis of the Econ Dev Show.  Though the domain name wasn't registered for another week, the idea of an economic development podcast, blog, and newsletter, came to me as I sat there in the frozen silence, cut off from everything.  

I know people do crazy things when they're freezing, but the idea of connecting with economic developers across the country and around the world kept me warm that day.  

One year late, it still keeps me going.  I'd be honest if I said it wasn't an absolute ton of work.  It is.  

But I love it.  Every day I discover and share what's happening in your communities, what unique opportunities and ideas are influencing and driving our profession, meet new colleagues, and make new friends.

Thank you for coming on this ride with me.  Thank you for reading and listening.


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