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Exploring ChatGPT for the Economic Developer

Will ChatGPT 500x your economic development? If you let it, it just might.

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
4 min read
Exploring ChatGPT for the Economic Developer
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In the world of economic development, the demands are high: we’re balancing data analysis and strategic planning while also building relationships like we're running for office. And let's be real, we could all use an extra pair of hands. But, with ChatGPT, you won’t just have an extra pair of hands, you'll have a powerhouse that’s ready to do the heavy lifting for you.

Meet ChatGPT, your new AI sidekick brought to you by OpenAI. Now, if you’re envisioning a Hollywood-style robot ready to take over the world, simmer down. ChatGPT won’t be making your morning coffee anytime soon, but it will analyze heaps of data faster than you can blink, craft reports that would make Shakespeare proud, draft communications that could soften a hardened politician, and offer insights that might just make you the next economic development guru.

But how, you may ask, does this AI virtuoso enhance your economic development skills specifically? Well, glad you asked, because over at Econ Dev Pro (the paid membership side of the Econ Dev Show), we've been getting our geek on, exploring all the ways ChatGPT can revolutionize your economic development approach.

Dive in with us as we explore practical applications, provide foolproof step-by-step guides (yes, even if you still can't set up your email on your new phone), and share the best-kept secrets to squeeze every drop of potential from this groundbreaking tech.

So, put on your futuristic sunglasses, folks. It's time we explore the brave new world of economic development, turbo-charged by artificial intelligence!

How to Write a Blog Post with ChatGPT
Watch ChatGPT magically morph a blog post with ease—football analogies, Dr. Seuss, or translations in a snap—becoming a blog genie!
How to Generate Project Code Names with ChatGPT
Spice up your confidential projects with AI-crafted code names.
Analyzing RFIs with ChatGPT
Dane, grapples with the savage beast of unstructured data, using his trusty AI sidekick.
Analyzing Sales Tax with ChatGPT
Watch as ChatGPT crunches Galveston County’s sales tax chaos into a neat little bite for your board report, because math is hard.
Writing Letters of Introduction with ChatGPT
How to graciously pass the hot potato of wacky business ideas to someone else using AI.
How to Analyze Legalese with ChatGPT
ChatGPT tackles the legalese, from the menacing to the mild, because who needs a lawyer when you’ve got AI on your side? (Please consult a real lawyer.)
Making Charts of Census Data with ChatGPT
Say bye-bye to manual data-plotting, GPT-4 is here to give your fingertips a much-needed rest.
Unlocking SWOT Analysis Insights with ChatGPT
Taking the S.W.A.T team approach to SWOT: Your shortcut to genius economic planning.
Transforming Your Random Notes with ChatGPT
When the AI assistant becomes your personal call-to-order lifesaver.
ChatGPT Writes Economic Development Job Descriptions, And Then Anonymizes Resumes
Dane uses AI to create a job description because apparently, writing a few paragraphs about a position is too creatively draining these days; then he skillfully shows us how to butcher a perfectly fine resume for ‘anonymization’ purposes.
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