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Podcast Episode #132: Championing Rural Economic Development with Lorie Vincent and Stand Up Rural America

"Uniting trailblazers and change makers in rural communities"

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
5 min read
Podcast Episode #132: Championing Rural Economic Development with Lorie Vincent and Stand Up Rural America

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In episode 132 of the Econ Dev Show Podcast, Dane Carlson sits down with Lorie Vincent, the founder of the Stand Up Rural America Summit, an innovative program aimed at empowering rural communities through economic development.

Lorie Vincent shares her journey and passion for rural economic development, spanning over 34 years and involving work with approximately 350 rural communities. She explains the inception of Stand Up Rural America, a unique summit designed to bring together rural trailblazers and change makers. Unlike traditional associations or memberships, this event is open to everyone, aiming to foster collaboration and provide actionable insights that attendees can implement in their communities immediately.

Throughout the conversation, Lorie emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration in rural economic development. She discusses her extensive experience and involvement in state associations and organizations such as IEDC and SEDC, which inspired her to create an event specifically tailored to rural America. Her goal is to share the innovative and impactful work being done in these communities, providing inspiration, tools, and strategies to drive positive change.

Lorie also highlights the importance of bringing together diverse voices and experiences to address the unique challenges faced by rural communities. By showcasing successful initiatives and offering practical solutions, Stand Up Rural America aims to elevate rural economic developers and community developers, helping them create immediate and lasting impact in their regions.

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Actionable Insights for Economic Developers:

  1. Promote Community Collaboration: Foster collaboration among local stakeholders to leverage collective resources and knowledge for economic development.
  2. Share Success Stories: Highlight successful initiatives from other rural communities to inspire and guide local development efforts.
  3. Provide Practical Tools: Equip community developers with practical tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately to drive economic growth.
  4. Engage Diverse Voices: Involve a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure comprehensive and inclusive economic development planning.4
  5. Focus on Immediate Impact: Prioritize initiatives that can deliver quick wins and immediate benefits to the community, building momentum for long-term projects.
  6. Leverage State and National Resources: Utilize resources and support from state associations and national organizations to enhance local economic development efforts.
  7. Encourage Innovation: Support innovative approaches and creative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by rural communities.
  8. Facilitate Knowledge Sharing: Create platforms for knowledge sharing and networking among rural economic developers to foster continuous learning and improvement.
  9. Empower Local Leaders: Empower local leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive economic development and inspire their communities.
  10. Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in rural economic development to ensure your strategies are effective and relevant.

By championing these principles and leveraging the insights from Stand Up Rural America, rural economic developers can drive significant and sustainable growth in their communities.

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Edited Transcript

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Dane Carlson: Welcome back to the Econ Dev show. Today we're here with Lorie Vincent. Lorie is the founder of Standup Rural America.

Lorie Vincent: Thank you.

Dane Carlson: I'm so glad that we were finally able to do this. Standup Rural America, I see that all over the place. You do an excellent job of marketing that. Plainly, you're an excellent marketer. So for those of us who haven't seen it, what is Standup Rural America?

Lorie Vincent: Standup Rural America is an event I hold every year called the Standup Rural America Summit. It's not an association or membership, and it's open to everybody. I've been in economic development for 34 years and have worked with about 350 rural communities. I knew that at some point when I had my own company, I would create an event just for rural America, for economic developers and community developers in rural areas.

I've been very involved in state associations like IEDC and SEDC, and other great organizations, but I never found one that brought all the rural trailblazers and change makers together in one place. I wanted to provide content they could take back to their communities and create action right away. There are many people doing great work in rural economic development, and I get very inspired by them. How can we share that? How can we lift people up, inspire them, and get tools into their hands to take back to their communities?

Dane Carlson: That sounds incredible. What are some of the main focus areas of the summit?

Lorie Vincent: We focus on having a vision and connectivity, discussing housing, childcare, and building your workforce starting in junior high. We talk to kids about what's possible for them in trades and careers. It's exciting and very contagious.

Dane Carlson: It sounds like it! Rural economic developers and boards want to make their communities better but often don't know what to do. There are thousands of other communities across the country in the same place who have tried other things. It's like they say in the Chamber of Commerce world, plagiarize and localize. Just find what works and use it.

Lorie Vincent: Absolutely. Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do because resources and time are precious. You don't want to waste them. The summit provides a platform to learn from others' successes and mistakes. It's about building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, arts and culture communities, retiree-friendly towns, and more. One size does not fit all, but there are common needs.

Dane Carlson: You've clearly put a lot of thought into this. What kind of feedback have you received from past participants?

Lorie Vincent: The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. People appreciate the practical tools and actionable insights they can implement right away. It's a great feeling to know we're making a difference.

Dane Carlson: It sounds like an amazing event. For those interested, how can they get involved?

Lorie Vincent: They can sign up at It's easy to register and find more information about the summit.

Dane Carlson: Excellent. This has been great. I've enjoyed our conversation and I'm glad we could do this.

Lorie Vincent: Thank you so much, Dane. I love your program and listen to it in the car. You've had many of my friends on your show, and I appreciate everything you're doing. We're on the same team for sure.

Dane Carlson: Absolutely. If I can ever be of assistance, just let me know.

Lorie Vincent: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Dane Carlson: Absolutely.


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Founder/Host of Econ Dev Show. Also: Sitehunt CEO and economic development consultant in Greater Houston, Texas.

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