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Podcasts: 4 Economic Development Books & Authors

Four podcasts with authors and economic development experts

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
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Podcasts: 4 Economic Development Books & Authors
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Good morning econ dev friends.

I was on vacation from the podcast last week, and didn't record a new episode.  This week, please enjoy these four podcasts we've done with authors and experts in the economic development space.  

PS I've also included links to their books.  They all make great gifts for new board members.

Podcast Episode 18 - The Secrets of Economic Development with Novelist and Econ Dev Don Erwin
With “Buffalo Hunting in Alabama: A Novel”, retired econ dev Don Erwin has written an engrossing thriller and economic development textbook.
Podcast Episode 39 - Economic Development is Still Not for Amateurs with Jay Garner
Dane talks to Jay Garner about his new book Economic Development is Still Not for Amateurs.
Episode #7: How to Save Your Downtown with Small-Scale Manufacturing with Ilana Preuss
Is it possible to rebuild a downtown without relying on recruiting big box retail? Yes! Ilana Preuss shows us how to do it with the small-scale manufacturers already in our communities.
Podcast Episode 52 - The Journey: Successful Strategies and Techniques for Economic Developers with Chad Newell
Everyone has a journey, and Chad hopes that his can positively influence you.

Thanks for listening – and reading. See you tomorrow!



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