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8️⃣ Happy Earth Day from the Econ Dev Show

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Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
6 min read
8️⃣ Happy Earth Day from the Econ Dev Show

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Welcome to the Econ Dev Show newsletter all you economic development fans and practitioners. I'm your host and editor, Dane Carlson, and I hope that you've had an incredible week.

Must Read This Week

Our most read post of the week is the In The News segment.  If you know of any economic development or developer in in the media, let me know.

Economic Development and Developers in the News This Week
Econ dev news from 27 states. April 16th, 2021 weekly edition.


If you’re recent college graduate in Houston (or know one), and you're looking for an awesome first real job, come work for me! Give me two years and I’ll make you into a kick-ass, in-demand, Texas economic developer! Apply here.

Must Listen

THE EcDev Network
Dan Taylor and Bob Minhas host a weekly clubhouse call on ED.
Factors in Corporate Headquarters Location Decisions
3 site selectors talk corporate headquarters location decisions, how companies will operate differently coming out of the pandemic and more.

The assorted links posts are what I'm reading that day.  Some of it will only be useful to me, others should be of interest to you, and some will hit the sweet spot of being great for both of us.  Either way, I strive with these links to make you smarter every day and hope that you enjoy them.

Assorted Links Wednesday
Rank the states, rank the LNG producers, rank the rich. It’s the “rank it” edition in today’s Assorted Links.
Assorted Links Thursday
Kroger is amassing a robot army, You can be a different person after the pandemic, the rules for 98+ sports, and more.
Assorted Links Friday
Emerging from the great stagnation, March was the hottest month in housing history, 4 million adults aren’t looking for jobs, and more.
Assorted Links Saturday
Sky-high construction costs force developers to get creative, an awesome way to visualize local economic development through time, and more.
Assorted Links Sunday
A McDonald’s in Florida is paying people $50 just to show up for job interviews, California politicians oddly silent as companies leave, and more.
Assorted Links Monday
Econ dev’s very own curmudgeon, Dean Barber, on his two economic development pet peeves, good news for restaurants, and more.
Assorted Links Tuesday
QR codes made out of drones, teenage employment has rebounded, Site Selection Groups economic incentives report, and more.
Assorted Links Wednesday
The state of the plant-based food industry, building a more competitive us manufacturing sector, the price of plywood is up 252%, and more.
Assorted Links Thursday
What’s your community’s value proposition? Your ED orgs? That question, and more in a tweet heavy assortment today.

Must Watch

This Week’s Newscast from the Next Move Group
How the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill aids small businesses, and more.

Past Issues

We have a large number of new subscribers this week.  If that's you, welcome!  Here are the newsletters you've missed:

7️⃣ Halfway Through April
Spring weather always makes me think of site visits and fam tours.
6️⃣ Economic Development and Developers in the News
Economic development is about property, projects, places and people; but not always in that order.
5️⃣ Economic Development is that Guy on the Tractor
That lone guy on a tractor trying to free the Ever Given is the most apt visual metaphor for economic development I’ve seen in a long time
4️⃣ Another Week’s Worth
Another week’s worth of reading for your Sunday.
3️⃣ A Week’s Worth
A week’s worth of reading compressed into one newsletter.
2️⃣ Two in a Row
Not only is this our 2nd newsletter, but we also respond to the damage of the one-two punch to Texas’s Econ dev brand.
1️⃣ Hello World
Every new project needs a “Hello world”, even a newsletter about Economic Development.

Dane Carlson Twitter

Founder/Host of Econ Dev Show. Also: Sitehunt CEO and economic development consultant in Greater Houston, Texas.

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